SST 1.0

29 10 2009

Well it’s been a crazy few weeks (maybe month is more accurate), but I just went out and bought a new bike….I can’t wait till tomorrow when I can ride it. There are currently only about 20 of them in the country. It’s a Fuji SST-1.0 it has full Dura-Ace, and weighs in at 14.74 lbs….I’m so stoked. The bike had to be custom cut to fit me, and I did ride it around the block when I got home. It has a nice and stiff ride, but the bike is so fast! Here are some pictures!



Belleplain Century

26 09 2009

I rode 100.2 miles in 4:41:53…that was hard…I’m dead now. That’s an average of a little over 21.3 mph….I’m going to pass out for the next 2 weeks. Thanks to all the guys at PCC, and congrats on a new club record! Also just like to toss out that our group was the first to finish the full century!


22 09 2009

Well today was my first real crash. It was at about 25-28mph. Wild turkeys crossing getting spooked into the road was the cause. I touched tires with the rider in-front of me while going really fast. I took most of the impact, which is good because my bike is okay. I can heal, but I don’t have the cash to fix my bike. Also I lucked out because I didn’t break any bones, just some road rash and raspberries. The crash happened about 15 miles into the ride, and I toughed it out and finished the other 20 miles. If it wasn’t for my helmet though I would have been in some serious trouble. Here are some pictures of the aftermath. 2009_0922pix00062009_0922pix00072009_0922pix0008

The Rock ‘n Ride Tour

13 09 2009

This was a non sanctioned bike race/ fun ride with no prizes or points, and it was also my first event too! DSCF0079
Right after the start I saw one person breaking away so I bridged the gap to him and started hanging on. Eventually we were caught by about 6 other riders when we had to stop for a light the police hadn’t shutdown. I kept pace with this group for the 40 mile course and I rode smart. When the final sprint came out we were hitting about 27-28mph for the last 7 miles and I still had a lot left in me. I passed all the rest of the group I was riding with except for two of the riders in the front and I think I could have passed them if I wanted to as well. I didn’t pass them because they had done a lot of the work in one of the hard sections of the race and I had drafted off them through it. When we came in for the finish I got 3rd out of over 300 cyclists!!! It felt fantastic! First in my age group, and 3rd over all! Still on cloud 9 about it, but I have to get back to work. I need to prep for monday and tie up a few things before tomorrow.

Always playing catch up now

13 09 2009

Well I’ve been a lot busier then I thought I would be lately. I last left you going to the seminar that is paired with my student teaching it was pretty informative and seems like it will be a very useful class. The next day was a very nice surprise NEW SHOES!DSCF0054 It was nasty out so I still used my old shoes and hit some trails out in the Estell Manor Park

Friday was a fun rest day that included laying about the house waiting for Athena to come home (she was having car troubles not restful at all for her.)

Sat was a bit of a wash for the TBS Group ride Lou emailed everyone that the ride was canceled because of rain. I never got the email since he sent it after Dad and I had already left, and a good thing too. We had about 9 riders show including Rubin who has been coaching me a little to help me prep for next season. We didn’t have enough riders for a A group or a B group so we did a B- group. Rubin didn’t want me to feel left out so he had me doing some very painful intervals throughout the ride. He KILLED me. It felt like I had been riding in the A all day after that ride which was pretty fun. Instead of being bored I got a great work out in.

That evening after dinner with Athena and her mother (We had sausage and mash potato’s. Which is one of my favorites! We also had Shaumi!)DSCF0060DSCF0058 we went over to Kyle and Aprils to see them and Riley. DSCF0067Had a blast as always with the Martin family, and we even went out for Ice cream.

Catch Up

9 09 2009

Well it ‘s been really busy with me the past few days. On monday I got in a nice recovery ride with my dad and some of the TBS C riders. 40 miles from smithville out ot the batsto area before the rain started. Tue I hammered with the PCC guys. They kept it rock solid on pace and did a nice tempo ride. School has been picking up too because I’ve been taking over the class more, and because of that and riding I haven’t had as much time to do things like post in my blog, or take pictures…Speaking of school I have to go to a seminar tonight that I have to leave for right now!

Sat and Sun

6 09 2009

Well Saturday we had about 40 riders show up. Someone touched tires in the C group and had to get his wife down to take him to the hospital because he pulled his back. We had a nice 6 person 20+ group that averaged 20mph for the 50.75 miles we did. It was wonderful out, not humid a little cool in the morning and clear out. We had a wonderful tail wind coming home on RT 49 and I was drafting off the traffic going to the shore so I was pulling a lot at about 27mph. I made great use of my gels on Saturday and had energy to spare at the end of the ride.

EXCITING NEWS: Well exciting to me, I don’t know that anyone else is that excited about it, but my bike shop is looking into putting together a race team. That in itself is pretty cool, but to make it exciting they want me to race for them! I think they let me know this early because they’re afraid I might try racing with PCC since I’ve been training with them on Tuesday nights. So far the Male team includes, John the train, yours truly, Hammer Dave, and perhaps Rubin. The ladies have Tina, and Viki so far.

Sunday’s ride was fantastic we had about 12 riders show, and we hammered out another 50 miles. I averaged 19 today, so I wasn’t really hurting to much today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow because I’m riding another 50, but I’m using it as my recovery ride and don’t plan on going about 18mph on that ride. Just a nice easy spin to work my legs out before I go get my ass kicked down in Vineland again.

After the ride I went to a picnic with Athena and her mom and gorged myself. 3 cheese burgers, 1 hot-dog, watermelon galore, cupcakes, 5 deviled eggs, and some rice crispy treats! After that when I got home I felt like ice cream, and I thought to myself that banana whip would be even better. Instead of dragging my ass down to the shore for a tasty frozen treat I decided to attempt it at home….with the result of



Oh well I’m off to bed so I can go log some more miles!